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3 months no entries??

Ok so after a long hiatus and i'm sure you all missed me soooooo much...ya right (who is she again?)...i have returned!

Just wanted to let y'all know that while away my drink of choice has been Gin. The recipe i have picked up on was originally made with Plymouth Gin and thus called a Plymouth Breeze but hell any ole gin will do...

shot of gin
1/2 cranberry juice
1/2 OJ

Serve either tall or short. Very light and refreshing

Gin - Like a thousand flowers on your taste buds all fighting to see who can make you puke first LOL
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i've always been sceptical of gin with OJ 'cause i feel like OJ is a vodka thing. i shall have to try in short work when i have gin again, aka when it is dire hot again, not just warm enough to make me happy.

i should admit though that i feel the best possible way to ingest gin is with lemonade, or, if you are planning on getting to' up or hanging out with a bunch of guys in a band, put the gin in a half filled bottle of the boone's farm lemonade flavor. you'll be in for a night, to say the least.

do you drink gin martinis? they are out of style big time, but still worlds beyond vodka. to be literary, just ask john gardner, who according to his biography drank 8-10 at lunch from time to time.
Boone's farm and gin??? I can feel the hangover just thinking about it LOL

And gin martini's...dry drier driest mmmmmmmm

Vodka and i don't get along since this one new year's eve of vodka and pink lemonade....need i say more?
re plymouth breeze: mmm, gin and juice in a tasty form. snoop dog would be proud. and thirsty. nice discovery.

re gin in general: sometime you should give shane macgowan's (of pogues' fame) favorite drink a try. gin and apple juice. says a bartender named fergie who once had the priviledge of serving him: "he drank us out of apple juice, and then tried to drink us out of gin." that man is my personal hero.

re vodka and not agreeing with you: . i once shared a handle (1.75L for the unenlightened) of nikolai vodka with one 115lb person. in 2 hours. i couldn't drink vodka for 3 years after. vodka - it seems all friendly and harmless, but if you don't watch out for it it'll bite you harder'n anything except maybe everclear, which is really just vodka that hasn't been watered down.

LOL...that's exactly where i found the saying!! I love it.
i adore her...sooo much. and her brother, drew!